Abacus Energy Works: Guiding the transition to a sustainable energy future

Abacus Energy Works, LLC

Guiding the Transition to a Sustainable Energy Future

Abacus Energy Works℠ is a woman-owned energy consultancy with 30+ years’ experience in evaluation and verification, product design, marketing, education, and leadership.

We support and evaluate energy efficiency, demand side management, and grid modernization programs throughout North America.

We support our clients as they navigate the transition to a more sustainable energy future – delivering actionable, understandable evaluation, research and analysis, on time and on budget.

Our clients may deliver energy, use it, regulate it, implement or evaluate programs to conserve it, or simply care about energy’s use and impact.

Despite their diversity, they share some commonalities: a keen awareness that energy markets are changing and the need to adapt; a desire to understand how constituents and customers are responding to these changes; and of course, the need to shape or keep up with the energy transition.

We serve clients by evaluating energy efficiency and demand response programs, improving program design and delivery, designing and analyzing pilots, providing regulatory support, or measuring the effects of grid modernization projects.